MIC program description

This professional training program for carpenters and carpentry trainers is an international certified program including an international assessment. It aims to qualify the participants as professional instructors in carpentry. The participants will receive a certificate of competence (national education partners) as well as a certificate as Master Instructor in Carpentry (international education partners). Training participants will be able to learn and practice instruction methodology for carpentry within their training group as a cross cutting competence in all training modules. Application and revision of technical module content (RTQF level 3-7) within typical carpentry working processes will support the competence acquisition of participants an prepare them for the final assessment. Trainees will be provided with access to e-learning content to revise and deepen their knowledge in wood- technology during the training period. The final assessment workshop includes for each participant briefing and preparation.

More information about the Certificate of Competence for carpentry instructors (MIC)

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